Secure Product Destruction & Specialty Shredding Services

Discover how Shred-it can protect your business by properly disposing of specialty items, including old x-rays, medical records, MRI results, and uniforms.

It’s More Than Paper. From product destruction to expired credit cards, ID badges and more

Confidential information protection comes in many forms. Shred-it can help your organization protect the proprietary materials that could put your company or brand at risk if they were obtained by criminals, a competitor, or the public.

  • Corporate promotional items and incentives
  • Old sales brochures and price books
  • Training binders
  • Building entry cards
  • Employee ID badges
  • X-rays, MRIs, and other medical recordings
  • Expired credit cards and driver’s licenses
  • Prescription pill bottles and medication containers
  • Old uniforms, identity cards, and badges
  • Casino chips and playing cards

Why Choose Shred-it to Destroy Your Specialty Items?

Shred it applies the same security protocols for our specialty destruction projects as we do for our document or hard drive services, helping keep your confidential items secure during destruction. 

You can expect: 

  • Easy, on-demand scheduling of your service 
  • Collection and transportation provided by trained Shred-it representatives 
  • Barcode scanning, integral to our secure chain of custody 
  • Proof of Service certificate following your material pick up

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Shred-it’s 6 Step Security Protocol


A RISK ASSESSMENT is conducted on-site by a trained document security consultant, identifying risk areas and providing recommendations on how to mitigate.


SECURE, TAMPER-PROOF CONTAINERS positioned throughout your organization make the disposal of documents easy and convenient.


Your Shred-it representative takes custody of your documents after scanning your securely LOCKED CONSOLE OR TOTE


Your confidential documents are loaded into our GPS-EQUIPED VEHICLES. With our routing technology we always have the ability to know where your information is during transit. 


Your documents are removed from our GPS-equipped vehicles at our SECURE TRANSFER OR DESTRUCTION FACILITIES and then destroyed using NAID AAA-certified, cross-cut technology.  


PROOF OF SERVICE certificate provided after every material pick up to acknowledge that your documents have been collected. 

Why Choose Shred-it as Your Go-to Paper Shredding Service?

Shred-it protects organizations' information for their people, customers and brands through secure shredding. With 30 years of experience, our primary focus on document confidentiality and security helps ensure your confidential information remains confidential. We offer paper, hard drive, and specialty scheduled shredding services for all forms of secure records and important documents. As a leader in the secure data destruction industry, we’re ready for you to provide us with the sensitive documents that you need us to shred or purge.

Service Reliability

With the largest paper shredding fleet and the largest service footprint in North America, we are where you are. 

Security Expertise

With the most NAID AAA certified mobile/on-site and plant-based shredder facilities, we keep your sensitive information safe.

Customer Experience

With the highest customer satisfaction among all vendors, we are 100% committed to your protection and satisfaction.

Uncover potential data risks with our Information Security Risk Assessment Tool

Failure to follow information security protocols can result in data breaches, which may lead to financial penalties or increased risks to your organization’s reputation. 

Shred-it’s proprietary Information Security Risk Assessment Tool helps to identify potential data risks in your organization by evaluating your current policies, procedures, and training to provide a quantifiable estimate of data breach risk. 

Missing simple information security requirements can cause your organization to be at risk. Assess your potential risk today. 

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